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ASPO Technology - Constantinos Aslanides and CO was founded in October 1998 aiming to cover a gap in the development of innovative applications in Energy- Industrial domain concerning the optimization of efficiency and safety of installation and personnel exploiting the profound knowledge and the long term experience of its founders. The principle on which is based the company's work for the achievement of the aim "OPTIMIATION" is the harmonic combination of the three elements:


The company's work is the development of applications that transform the usual measurements of an installation into information for the profound comprehension of the production procedure, using the most evolved tools that offer technology nowadays.

With the formation of new conditions in the Greek market of technology products and services, the evaluation of opportunities because of the increasing development of application of technology and its products in the market, ASPO Technology, has focused its activity in the supply of integrated solutions, which concern the following fields:

1. Development of innovative applications for the improvement of efficiency, credibility and safety of industrial and power installation

2. Development and construction of standard High Technology System, Measurements, Control and Communications

3. Import and Trade of products and equipment of industrial and power installations, as well as Measurement Systems- Control and Communication

4. Development, Export and Import of Know-how for the support of programs and applications of Research and Technology.

5. Agency of foreign firms and supply of total technical support of the abovementioned products and services.

The company presents integrated products, in the markets that is activated, which are results of work of Research and Development department and are suitable to cover every technological need of its customers.

ASPO Technology has created a diverse reference list that includes important organizations in private and public sector as well. The long cooperation with its customers represents the most important aim of the company, which invests constantly on the re-evaluation of customers' systems, the development of services supplied and the immediate service.